Using Your Intuition is Crucial Now

Intuition is now not only key now, but crucial.

It is a time of learning to more accurately see beyond surface appearance and be able to tune into the underlying trends and currents.

There are 2 forces that are in a process of assimilating and balancing.

If you focus only on one force of the current you will miss the opportunity for balancing.
This is key because the new balance point brings new awareness' and new directions.

This is the new way of "moving in the world"....moving within and through it.

What I am seeing/feeling in the Shift and what I am being guided to share is that we all need to more acutely attune to the subtle energy. This means focusing and integrating what & where our "Inner GPS" is nudging us. This inner GPS is a form of messaging and guidance from our Higher Self and reflects our Soul Design & Soul Template. The template reflects our true path and emanates from our Soul Design. This is all based on vibrational frequency, attuning and alignment.
We can no longer rely on what we "think" we need to do; or want to do. It is a time of connecting in to then "learn" and "know" what we need to do.

Our Higher Self is always sending cues and signals. When we don't listen, are off path or we take wrong directions our Higher Self is still guiding us to align to our true course. The Higher Self will take the missteps and make them into bridges and ladders. There can be both a veering off course, working our ego will and a simultaneous energy guiding us along the Higher or Divine Will. This push pull brings an incongruence and disharmony; however you can move into harmony, congruence through learning how to tune in and align to your intuitive guidance. This enacts the harmony through conflict.

The video sharing is highlighting the key components of where we are at in The Shift for Oct. and beginning of Nov.


Peace, Light, Love


Keep Shining & Sharing


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