Something IS Happening...

We are in the phase of shifting. Many have shifted and have been living with the New Emerging Consciousness and the Energies of the New Emerging Consciousness.  This helps.  This mitigates the affects of the shifting.  The individual, group, and community based shifts are the foundation of the more broad based shift that needs to occur.  This ushers in the "Tipping Point" through the resonant field of consciousness and throughout our shared systems of living and being.

The individual connecting with the group focus to come together with the new awareness is integral to the "Big Shift",  as some call it.  This "Big Shift" is becoming more evident than ever before in the landscape of transition and change that is affecting so many.

Columnist Thomas Friedman even dedicated an Op-Ed piece in his New York Times column on the Shift stating: "Something's happening here."

The next phase of the Awakening is the Rude Awakening.  It is a time of disruption - disruptive innovation some say.  Also, another ways to look at this is Divine Intervention and a time to focus on Creative Solutions.  The disruptions that are occurring are integral to the process of the shift; and yet there has to be a "place" for people to go during and after the process.

 We can't stay amidst constant disruption there has to be safe havens, quiet respites and places of connecting to soothe the soul, nurture mind and body and re-affirm our choices.  This occurs within community, within family and like minded friends and individuals.  This also occurs in synagogues, temples, spiritual centers,  Satsang , Sangha, and even church.

There are many ways  to reach your safe haven.  Some ways to connect to this inner harbor are  through the practice of yoga, meditation, walks, hikes in nature and forms of physical movement such a dance.  One of the most profound ways to connect with this part of ourselves is not only through connecting within, but in connecting with others.   In sharing with others are purpose, passion and gifts are put to good use.

Right Relationship within and right relationship with others  brings  a sense of interconnectedness and meaning to our lives. through interdependence.  This balance of interconnectedness and interdependence  exemplifies how we are needed and integral to those that are around us.

As you connect to the safe spot of your inner knowing within you will much better know what are the  right  actions for your outer doing.

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