Is Your Mind In Alignment With Your Soul?

Your thoughts, desires and intentions are communicated to the universe through your subconscious mind.
If you observe what is happening in your life right now.  This will shed light as to your inner thoughts and intentions.

Your circumstances and life situations will show you and guide you to the path and focus of your life direction.  In observing your life circumstances you can see the common thread being sewn by your Higher Self.

If what you observe is not in alignment with your "known" innermost desires take stock of your circumstances to see if what you "think" you are desiring is initiated from the Higher Self.

Many times there is a "disconnect" from the Higher Self/Soul Self and the personality.  If the constructed ego is strong; or as some would say the "false ego" then you will not see the pattern from your Higher Self that is now emerging in your life through your circumstances.  You will only see what you don't want or don't understand.

When you strip down...simplify and begin to objectively view what you have drawn in you will see a pattern emerging that is laying down the steps to your next level of unfoldment.

Feelings, emotions, ideas and intentions of a conflicting nature tend to attract blockages, stalemates and obstructions.   Any intention with a counter intention blocks one's energy flow and begins to drain ones life force; as well as dilutes one's focus.

The key is to release "emotionalism", aversions and fears.  You can do this by simply writing down the "what ifs" in a journal.  Let your mind really play the "what ifs", concerns, worries and fears. Let your mind fully explore what you don't want to happen.  You need to write it out, even speak it to someone you trust.  Then focus on what is now happening and notice that another plan is emerging. Once you look at the worst case scenarios without judgement you can then focus on what you do want to experience.

Changing your outer circumstances begins by changing your inner environment; as well as becoming adept at reading the signs of the times of your life.  We tend to misread signs out of a fear of the "what ifs"; or from a fear of thinking we won't draw in fulfilling circumstances or relationships.
Once the fear is seen for what it is--just a fear you can then move onto focus on what it is you do want to have happen in your life.  Ignoring the fear and trying to suppress it only causes it to gain more strength in the subconscious and play itself out.

Fear is an energy... It is an energy in motion = emotion.

Once a fear or fears is located, recognized acknowledged and understood you can then begin the alchemical process of transmuting the energy into useable energy.  A fear well understood can be re-calibrated  from a stuck state or a state of perpetual motion into one that is balanced and integrated.
A balanced and integration emotion (energy in motion) can be harnessed and channeled for creative expression and manifesting.   All chronic fear is a form of conflict.  This conflict can originate from within or without. If it originated from without and is chronic this means it has now been internalized and is playing out in your life.

All conflicts are a cry for reconciliation and connection.  This connection begins within oneself.
All conflicts are aspects of one part of the polarity plane; and so in this way all conflicts are of a dual nature and a product of duality.
When we take the middle way or ascend we move out of conflict.

Conflicting emotions create conflicting circumstances and manifestations.
The key is in removing the conflict; or in a loving healing way allow and assist yourself in the process of moving through the conflict to the neutral point.

Many times what we see in our circumstance are a revealing of our secret or hidden desires and feelings. Take care to notice which desires are coming from the Higher Self/Soul Self/Personality and which are from the external influences and the false ego.  Many times when our secret needs and wants are revealed; or our deepest desires and dreams are revealed through our circumstances we become fearful.

Make sure that you are not manifesting your fears because you are now receiving what you deeply desired, but thought would never materialize.

Begin to really watch the pattern that is now emerging in your life. Find ways to more deeply connect to your Higher Self- Soul Self so that you can more clearly harness your energy and align more with the will of your internal template.  In aligning to your own internal timing you connect to your Higher Self.  In connecting more consistently with your Higher Self you will receive the wisdom and understanding of your present life circumstances and receive the inner guidance to choose that which is most in alignment with your Soul at this time.  What is in alignment with your Soul ultimately brings the most life fulfillment, Soul expression and expansion



Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining this process so clearly and thoroughly. It helped me a lot today.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

you are so welcome :-) and thank you for taking the time to share your appreciation. i appreciate this and the connecting.
keep shining
in light
michele :)