What is the Shift and the Path of Awakening?

When Did The Shift Begin? What Does this Shift Mean for Humanity & Cosmos?
What does the Awakening; or the succession of Awakenings have to do with the Soul and the Soul Alignment?

I wanted to share an excerpt on The Shift Update I recently did. I share the information and understanding that I have received on this Universal, Galactic, Earth, Humanitarian and Cosmological transformational process.

I will be giving monthly updates and insights plus helping to track the energetic shifting, attunements and alignments that are taking place.
I hope to share these monthly updates on the Shift, Ascension; as well as the Soul Alignment.

I am really honored that David Cohen of Small Business Big Idea has given me this opportunity to share. Due to my brain injury I am limited for the time being in my ability to write, blog, type and be on the computer I so appreciate this way of relaying the information I have received.

As Lightbeings, Lightworkers, Ways Showers, Crystal Beings, Indigo, StarSeeds it is time to know your place and what you are to do. You will know this by the signs you receive and by following the Resonance.

Please let me know what you think and how you are experiencing the Shifting and Ascension process.

In Love and Light

Michele ☺


Anonymous said...

Michelle, another great insightful post.
I hope you are feeling better.

In Light

David & Marissa

Anonymous said...

I value the work you do.
In your own words "Keep Shining"
Please get better. We need your guidance.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

thank you so much for your well wishes & wonderful feedback. :-) <3 Namaste

littleligt09 said...

We talked a little today on Blogtalk radio about the Occupy movement. Just after the show was over I recieved this link to a wonderful sight that I think ties in with what I hope the Occupy group is trying to say......
I was up most of the night watching the "occupy L A" group being arrested last night/this morning, hoping that it didn't get violent. I think there needs to be an organized movement for change but real solutions need to be offered by these groups. What I saw on the news from the Occupy L A group was mainly disinfranchised people venting their frustration, which wasn't what I think they wanted this movement to project. I think the "Occupy" movement needs to find a legal place to assemble (like woodstock) and come up with some real solutions to offer and hopefully spark in the minds of others. Democrats and Republicans sure aren't getting it done, maybe if we redefine ourselves and try to find more common ground we could move forward. I think politics as we know it has run it's course and is ready for change. But, change to what? Where is our common ground to base this new movement? Maybe it is "Love thy neighbor as thy self" or "do unto others as they would do unto you". Here is a new one "there is no i in love". I hope this becomes something we can all get behind and is something that is based on love (God is love).
Love ya,
Littlelight09 Debbie

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Debbie ;)
Thank you for the link. i love the "pray for change"... an inspiration.
i agree with you re: politics as we know it has run it's course... so true.

re: the Occupy movement... i feel it is a movement... a movement to bring awareness. it is an important part of the Shift... it's also a decision & an outward manifestation of this decision. also, from what i have heard from people that have been on the ground and more progressive news coverage the "corporate media" is not showing everyone that is there, only a lot of the college age people, students and homeless. there are a lot of these people that are to do this role - the rude awakening, as the Guides and Oversouls call it. (abrupt awakening). however, there are a lot of "older" people, some senior citizens, people that are out of work and can't get work, career people, etc, etc... a lot of different types of people. these are the people that it is part of their path to disrupt the system in an outward way. there shift came with material concerns. then there are those of us that work more with spiritually focused consciousness and healing on this level. all is needed & somehow in the land of spirit of God fits in :) (my humble opinion :)

in many ways it is good that there isn't "1 defining message".. as it is a more universal movement on awareness. we are in the age of light... the aquarian age... the age of knowledge and using this knowledge for the good of the whole..for everyone. so any movement to last and really be of benefit and gain traction has to reach a larger base that has many needs. the aquarian age is about the group, community and coming together and creating, living and doing what is great for all concerned. it isn't about negating the "individual expression", but balancing individual needs with that of the group, the community, the society, the world-universe and all beings and expressions of life... Gaia....

i agree with you also. - God is Love.... to me love is all there is, in various forms and degrees. we are now to create a world and ways of living, relating and being in this world that reflects more true love & not diluted versions..... all that we do is assisting.. for the shift happen on the inner plane and then begin to materialize in forms and within our structures. people- mainstream society will have to learn there are many "grounds" that make up the "common ground" it is no longer about "1 way" or 1 ground... the common ground is humanity and how we express this will be in various ways and various areas. in a way we need a complete overhaul!!! lol... like a car... a rebulit engine... or, a new car... i don't see a new car, so we have to rebuild and restructure in soooo many areas, systems, institutions and structures... it won't be just 1 way or 1 doctrine or 1 focus. the New Paradigm is about the many and the Soul loves choice/options and variety.... Debbie, as always it is so great to connect with you and share. i value your input... thanx again for the link and shining your light... keep shining & sharing :) <3
December 2, 2011 10:13 PM