Your Potential

Your potential is the recognition of what could be.

You possess potential energy that is waiting to be put into form.

That which is in the etheric field is working it's way through creative channels to be made manifest.

In order to actualize your potential you must realize your potential.

It is now time to recognize your potential.

In recognizing your potential or recognizing your potential being mirrored to you by another person allows you to see what wants to emerge through you.

This moves you from Self Realization to Self Actualization.

Your true potential begins to manifest in the recognition of your possibilites.

We are potentials made manifest in an endless cosmic sea of possibilities within the range of our Soul's sphere and unfolding.   Just as we cannot experience what we are not encoded for, we cannot express what we are encoded for.  The experience depends on our harmonics and our expression depends on our vibrational frequency.   The more expanded the frequency the more expanded our experiences.

If you are recognizing more possibilities this is a communication from the Soul Self that more possibilities or different possibilities are wanting to be expressed and experienced through you.

Your recognition is the key that opens the door.

To truly recognize what you are putting together on a higher order, take the time to reflect and allow space.

That which is newly emerging requires space to come into physical awareness and physical space.

Don't get hung up on "How long" focus on the feelings of experiencing that which you are dreaming into being.  Your feelings will guide you, and as your emotions are cleared they will be the fuel that inspires you.

In this way you begin to live from inspiration and aspiration.

This is the way of the Soul and the way of manifestation that is emanating from the Higher Self, the true Self and one's true Path.


Elle said...

Can you help me? I listen to your BTR every week via pod casting and have listened to many archived shows since finding you a few months ago. Love the program and it "speaks" to me. My Spiritual journey is accelerating right now. Last night, I awoke feeling footsteps on my pillow just as thought a kitten was walking around my head. Then, I heard a loud screech and my mattress started to vibrate in waves. I said "Go" since I was so startled and disturbed but not necessarily frightened. It all stopped. I am reading book on contacting dead people. What was that all about?

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hello elle,
sounds like you are connecting in to the 'astral plane'... also, the movement on the bed around your pillow can be spirit beings-entities.
you may be connecting with beings on the astral dimension.

i have had these experiences quite a bit. sometimes it is someone that we know that is on the 'other side of the veil'

because you are opening to "contacting" this is a part of why this is happening. you are asking for this & called it in... so, they are contacting to let you feel their presence.

your opening to this part of life can happen slowly. you can manage the pace and to whom you contact/connect with.

i hopes this helps & sheds some light.

also, just to let you know, Awakenings will resume in Sept.
you can also go to the Awakenings page on FB -

much peace & light