True Freedom

Your true freedom will be experienced and lived by finding what truly nourishes you.

A deeper level of fulfillment comes from what not only nourishes you on a physical or emotional level, but a Soul and Spiritual level.

The unconnected ego would have one focus merely on the physical or emotional level of existence.

In the Path of Soul Alignment one begins to be Spirit Led to allow what is truly nourishing, revitalizes and enlivening on a Soul level to be experienced and expressed.

The healthy ego that begins to be a receptor for Source Energies is open and responsive to the Divine Pull.

This Divine Pull, Nudge or Urge as it is sometimes described is the basis of our Soul Language.

At one point as our energies are re-calibrated and re-qualified we are in alignment and attuned to our Signature Frequency.  This alignment and attunement creates the Soul Fusion of lower self to Higher Self... to ego to Personality to Soul.  This fusion creates an at -one- ment within our  vessel and beinness.

This attunement that creates the at-one-ment is the beginning of living and experiencing the oneness that we are both internally and externally.

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Anonymous said...

Love your style of writing and love what you write.