Question.... Let your curiosity guide you... Seek... Find...Experience

Begin to move from Seeking to Finding... to Experiencing

When one stays stuck in the seeking mode one begins to think and feel that all the answers and insight are outside themselves.

Move into Finding that which is within and sharing that with those you come in contact...

How can you more fully live out the Divine Expression that is You?


Mono/Poly said...

I think I remember you saying you were going to do a workshop or some sort of event with Leigh Mccloskey. When will you be doing this? I can't wait :)

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Charles :-)
Yes, will be doing some groups/workshops at/with Leigh McCloskey
I will keep you posted on this.
We will be doing another Ascension Attunement meditation 9/8 @ 1:30 pm -same place :=)
Also, will be doing some Alchemy "Lightshops" :=)

Keep Shining your Light

btw, back on Awakenings in Sept :)

Mono/Poly said...

Yeaaa! :D

Elle said...

I can no longer find the shows on iTunes. Help. Where can I download the Weds shows. I really miss them!!!!