Don't Blame the Universe

Don't blame the universe...

So many times I hear: "I guess it wasn't suppose to happen"  "i guess the universe doesn't want me to do this."  "I guess I am not suppose to have this."

Many times persistent effort is needed - not struggle... Consistency, Persistency... Perseverance.

On the plane of manifested existence there is a certain amount constancy that is needed.

To use the reason or excuse that "I am not meant to have this." is shirking your responsibility and the truth of your creative abilities.

It may be that something is not in your Soul Design or Life Path; however if you are really wanting with a true desire then it is most likely in your Soul Path.

Desire is the carrier wave.  Make sure you are recognizing that which is being manifested.  A sure way to strengthen your manifesting capabilities is to recognize how what you need and want is manifesting.

Many times we don't recognize our creations because the ego part of us is looking for a literal translation instead of a Soul Creation.


buddhkist said...

True. So very true. :-)

Anonymous said...

So true. I am very inspired each time I read your blog.
I also listen to Awakenings Radio in the Itunes archive.
You are truly inspirational and speak such deep truth.
Thank you for sharing your light.