Do That Which Enlivens You

In a recent radio interview on the Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer Show on the Awakening Zone  I was asked: "Do the guides have anything they want us to know?"

Here is the message we were given:

If you really look all lessons are about love.  Self Love, Love of Others - which there is no other.
See yourself in everyone for there is only one.
You are here to love.  To experience and express love.  Your learning lessons are a by-product of this. You will always be learning. This is the way of evolution.   You are not here to learn.  You are here first and foremost to love. To share this love in all it's forms and manifestations.
Your creations are a form of this love that you are.
You are complete as you are.  Your life here is in living this completeness. 

This may shock you as you have been told you are here because you didn't get it right in some past life; or that you are trying to become perfect.

You are perfecting intelligence.   Your perfection is unfolding in various degrees and harmonics.  Just like you are opening to love in more and more expanding degrees.
You are here to live the Soul Design that you are by recognizing your perfection in manifested form.  This is love.   
Self Love.  And as there is only one Self in many different forms this is the key to you living a loving life and feeling the love that is all of life.

Do that which enlivens you.  Follow that which enlivens you.  Live a life that enlivens you.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this Michele
Thank you for your insights.