Peace Begins with Self Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness

One of the types of healing I facilitate in my practice is through Bereavement Counseling.
I have found over the years that if people are allowed to truly grieve, to truly be angry and hurt that the forgiveness process comes naturally.

                                                                                  If we allow ourselves to really experience our anger and subsequently our hurt or fear that we will automatically move on to the new.

It is a natural cycle of our survival state to move on in our unfolding.

What is not natural is to hold on or hold back.
It is not a positive or pro-survival pattern to hold on to grievances.

However,  this does happen if we are stunted in the healing process by judgment or suppression of our emotions and feelings.

If, there are deep psychological wounds this can negatively impact the healing process; however for most individuals this is not the case.
I look at forgiveness as a process of moving on from a role one perceives they were put in or stuck with as well as a process of letting go. As with all processes it takes time. One must allow the time to process, heal and naturally move on.      The time frame is as different as each individual.

It is a form of Self Love and Self Acceptance to allow an expression of our full range of emotions.  We hold a sacred space for ourselves and ultimately others when we create a space to just "be where we are".  This is not about "emotional dumping", but seeing the grand human Play of Consciousness and holding the space for the sacred unfoldment of our life experiences.

So much of what really holds us back is a negative or critical judgment of ourselves and our past actions. We can tend to hold ourselves hostage.
In a way all forgiveness is self forgiveness; which is really just allowing oneself to move on- that is focus on the present and the present choices and situation.

Forgiveness is an act of letting go, of not holding onto the past or what could have been; or what we thought ‘should’ have been.

Peace begins with us in self –love, self- acceptance and self -forgiveness. Self – love allows us to let go and move forward.

To move from the past into the present is a form of self-acceptance.
If we can’t forgive ourselves, move on and let go then how can we forgive others or be open to forgiveness from others?

What can you accept and allow so that what is needed for you to move more fully in the now presence of your life can occur?

The sundial of the Soul is turning... What was highlighted before is now going in the shadows.   It is a time to focus on what is now being highlighted and whom is being highlighted in our life. All will return, and yet in a way that fits in with what is newly emerging and unfolding on our path.


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led holders said...

What an inspirational post, keep it up. i love your writing style.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Len :)
thank you so much. i really appreciate your feedback & appreciation :)