To Push or Flow..

Every mode of expression comes from a flow... Universal Flow

The type of flow that is needed at a particular time and in a particular situation is individual to a person and their path.

Wisdom is knowing the quality of energy that is needed and the type of force to exert.

To push continually ultimately pushes away.

To passively flow continually means that you never have to make a conscious decision or choice.

Both are 2 ways to play the game of life and navigate the path.

A balance of the two moves you into a space of Conscious Living                 and the Spirit of Play


Anonymous said...

I was pushing, now I am learning to flow. This was very insightful for me.
Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

This is very relevant for at this stage in my life.
Somehow, I found a link to your blog & boy am I glad I did.

Anonymous said...

I am learning more to be in the flow of my life.
This can be very hard to do at this day and age.
Do you have any suggestions for relaxation and knowing if you are a flow state?
Thank you Michelle for your time.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi, yes, for relaxing... breathwork, meditation, yoga.... also long walks, canoeing, dancing, pilates-- unstructured activities... aromatherapy & aromatherapy baths.

also, take some time to focus on structure and what you "want" to happen & balance that with accepting & allowing what is happening. a balance of both will bring more peace & calm.

remember the prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things i can not change, courage to change the things i can & wisdom to know the difference.

powerful when put in practice.

much peace

ps- there are meditations & resources here: - 2012: navigate the shift online course
as well as on my facebook page for Soul Alignment & Ascension
some wonderful insights from other people in the Awakenings community