Moving from Thinking Beings to Intuitive Beings

You are part of "something bigger."
Not only what you have to say and do is important it is necessary.
What you do and how you do it is needed to complete the Universal Unfoldment
Each person is needed and necessary for the critical mass that is to be reached and the energy & paradigm shift that is to be lived out.
It is time to live this something bigger – more fully & completely

We are now moving from Thinking Beings to Intuitive Beings to Creative Beings to Flow Beings…
The state of Flow encompasses it all.. there is no separation, just seamless alignment… This manifests a life of creative abundance.

As the Shadow is integrated you ascend, connect in with your light body more fully and align to the Soul.
We get to a more aligned and more Attuned Level of Soul Alignment once we pass through the Valley of the Shadows.

This is a time of clearing the less evolved energies of the Mothering Principle of the Divine Mother as part of the Divine Matrix.
This energy is not gender specific and is contained in both male and female of all species.

As you pass through the Valley of Shadows and integrate the light & the dark you move into the space of the Causal Point. This is where you begin to live in a way that is referenced from Spirit…. Spirit Led and divine from your Soul.
It is from this center of being that you live out your True Soul’s Purpose in abundance with your gifts more fully expressed and received.

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