Stuck in the Mud? See what you can observe or plant...

One can feel stuck in the mud or use the mud to fertilize, go deeper and plant seeds.

If you are feeling that your circumstances are creating a "stuck in the mud" feeling, or that you are in a situation of stagnation see how you can use this time of "over focus" in one place to go deeper.

Metaphorically being stuck in sand or mud is looked at a time of not being able to move.  The constructed ego thinks that all movement is either lateral, horizontal or vertical.

The constructed ego believes you are either moving "up or down"...  The truth is there are many layers, levels and formations of movement.

We also move deep within...  Standing still to observe is also a form of movement...

As we are seemingly stuck because of our outer circumstances or old wounds that seem to not go away, perhaps the call is to go deeper within, or to go deeper within the process of your life and being.

We are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, multi-layered beings... We are both human and divine, spirit and material manifestations of Source Light.  Being seemingly stuck is a tool from your Higher Self to enforce cleansing, clearing, witnessing, evaluating, re-evaluating and clarifying.

In being held in one place or a particular circumstance you can begin to allow the natural cycle of divergence, clearance and emergence to rotate you on the cosmic wheel of life.   This being "stuck in the mud" state is necessary. It signals endings, releasing, and a new commitment to new life unfolding.  There can not be an emergence   without an ending or disappearance... In the mud you seem to see people, circumstances and opportunities pass you by; and even if you don't literally you feel as if all of life is passing you by.  In truth nothing is leaving all is coming to form in a different way, a way that is deep within - deep within the mud of all creation.

If your life circumstances seem to be keeping you "stuck in the mud" and the wheel of life seems to be set to stagnation see how you can fertilize where you are now.

It's all about a shift in perception... The mud and the sand are both rich in nutrients.  In releasing the resistance to lateral movement or upward movement you can begin to go deeper within.  Look within and look around you for that which uplifts, inspires, aspires and fertilizes the mud.

There is growth in the mud, and many times sprouts of new growth that can not be seen.
Mud is a rich soil from which to plant seeds that will later bear fruit or green pastures.

What seeds can you plant in the rich mud you are in?



Anonymous said...

Michelle Just love this!!! This helps me so much with what i am going through -

David said...

So helpful. Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

I am very stuck at this particular juncture in my life. I am not sure which direction to go career wise.
I am not sure if I am blocking myself or the timing is off.
I read in some of your posts that you speak of timing or divine right timing.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

yes, Divine Right Timing is timing from the Soul's unfolding & life path.
you may be experiencing a "re-direction" of your energy & focus, in which case you might not "know" on the "ego" level what is most fulfilling or life-enhancing. it is like take time to fill back up.. when we fill back up we get new insights and ideas. take time to journal, reflect on where you have been and what your focus has been. ask yourself what has given you joy, meaning, purpose & fulfillment, feel out if it still does. many times just writing this down begins the process of clarifying.
remember, it isn't always about you (us-individually) you may be "waiting" for another timing to synchronize with yours; or an opportunity to sync up with you. This is a part of Divine Right Timing.

Much Peace & Light

sophie said...

amazing insight! I love your blog.. thanks..

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Sophie :-)
thank you so very much. I am so glad you feel a benefit by what i share.
great to connect with you here