GPS - God Positioning System

Look at what is changing in your life.          

Are you changing?

Are your circumstances changing?

What has changed; and what can you do to align to the new changes?

Take time to assess where you are at in the present and notice what is bringing you the most joy.

Cut back to basics so you can really see and feel what is going on.

This part of the path can be a bit like reading braille, but once you attune to your own inner knowing and inner guidance (GPS = God positioning system) you will know the right action to take.

How do you follow your God Positioning System (GPS)?  In the meditative state via meditation you feel out where you are really being led beyond the ego level. Meditation - Meditative State
What you are to do is what is right in front of you... What is on your plate, so to speak.  You may not want to do this, focus on this or handle this; however it you don't on this cycle you will have to in a way that is more extreme in a 18-22 month period.   You have to be in a clear calm emotional state to hear the whispers of your inner voice and feel the nudge of your inner GPS.  Take time to do this and know this part of you.  If you don't rush, push or pull the Divine Guidance of your God self will come through.

If at this time situations and scenarios seem to be at a standstill or there are delays focus on what is right in front of you and see what you can do to follow through on what you have already begun.  Initiate and follow through on the opportunities that are right in front of you; or that you have been secretly focused on in your life.  This will plant the seeds that will sprout in the fall months offering you options to harvest.


In Light