Spiritual Discernment

The ability to discern the messages that you receive from within is very powerful.

You are not bound to every impulse that arises from your mind, body or emotions.

Your ability to center and wait on a higher directive determines your level of awareness, consciousness and Soul Alignment.

The ability for you to go within, while still living without is key here.  To continue your everyday living while awaiting on the will of the Divine Self is key to enlightened living.

Learn to recognize and follow the more reliable guidance of the deeper aspect of the real you.
The real you is the Higher Self or Soul Self.  This aspect of you is beyond the constructed ego conditioning and conditioned response patterns.

Base your choices on that something which is deeper,  not conditioned, superficial; or from a sudden impulse of desire, fear or ego reasoning.

The deeper directive from the Innate Intelligence will be revealed in a quiet calm state.   This state is not about solving a problem, but from creative solutions.... In contemplating the difference your inner wisdom and inner knowing is there...

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