Pain is a form of Communication

                                                                 Listen to your pain.
Hear the message from within.

It has been said that pain is your teacher. More than a teacher pain is a mode of communication from your Inner You through your body.

Pain can tell you when something is too much or when you are too constricted in a situation or relationship.

Your pain also cautions you when you need to slow down, assimilate more and get more data. More Facts Are Needed.

Sometimes we want to move too quickly without all parts & aspects of ourselves in ‘enough’ of a balance.

1.Listen to your pain-
Emotional pain/Physical pain---body pain
Pain is also a teacher/mentor and catalyst for CHANGE

2. God – your Higher Self-Soul Self has predestined the consequences of your choices; how you arrive and what you experience along the way is up to you- your little self (ego/personality)

3. You have freewill within your area of sphere experience. We all come in with a sphere of life experience and then are granted through this a sphere of influence. We have freewill choice within our blueprint and soul purpose.

This is the Soul Design and everyone’s design is unique to their path, purpose and the individuated Aspect of the All That is they represent in form.

Listening to the messages of your Higher Self and Innate Intelligence through your body is a form of Self Love and Self Care.


Tunisia Jolyn said...

It's funny I'm reading this. I've had a pain on my right leg for a few weeks now and I truly believe it's a manifestation of constriction in my current situation. I also received a message that aches and pains happen for a reason. And now, I'm reading this. Further confirmation. Thanks God for the channeled message and Michele for sharing this message on here.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hey Tunisia, wonderful that my blog post connected you to your own Inner Wisdom :) Namaste :)