Inner Knowing

Be receptive to your own inner guidance.

Remember that what you receive will be colored by how you perceive.

Find out what is truly going on before taking action to direct or change a situation.                               Feeling forced to make a decision, being too for something or against something is a sure sign that your input is coming from the ego center.

Very often we seek extreme outer change when inner change is what is needed.                                          

Do not run away from your learning lessons, your Soul responsibilities and agreements to assist others.                                                                              Service is the highest form of expression and when service is done in alignment with the Soul Expression you begin to express your True Life Path...

If there are delays or too much energy is being expended in trying to make changes this is showing your more facts are needed.
Many times a delay is a form of protection from Spirit or your Higher Self.

Instead of worrying or guessing which is the most life enhancing direction or choice, wait for a further nudge from your Higher Self.   This is what is meant by "Wait on the Will of Heaven"....

Heaven is the Spiritual Natural that you can not yet see and is not yet in form.  Earth is the Spiritual Nature that is in form.

The Will of Heaven; or Divine Will comes from a place that is of the subtle energy.   If you are thinking of what to do this is of your ego nature.  If you are being nudged and feeling drawn to do what you need to do then the Higher Self is shining through.    When you can see and feel heaven on earth and earth in the heavens you will be closer to remembering your True Self; which is Spirit, and on earth Spirit in form.

The Higher Self directs by inner knowing, inspiration and aspiration.  This "Inner Knowing" will come via the Subtle Energy through a nudging with a quiet calm; and many times a sense of resolve.  The Higher Self has us neither run to or run from... The Higher Self is focused not on problem solving, but creative solutions.

The clearer the filters of the emotional body and mental body the clearer your messages and the more accurate your interpretation; or translation.


philosopher said...

Very nice article but its difficult to KNOW for normal human beings which is the call of the SOUL and which is the EGO'S call. Everytime,these two are opposite!

philosopher said...


Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Philosopher, you bring up a REALLY good point here :) ... A major part of the Spiritual & Soul Alignment Path is to know the difference... To learn the difference.
it is interesting that infants, animal beings & most young children know this difference.- unless in a really dysfunctional family dynamic. On average this lasts in children until about age 6-8.

To know the difference does take time... & practice. There needs to be a system, a way of tapping into your inner you and developing the ability to know the difference.

In transpersonal psychology, Esoteric Wisdom, Spiritualism and Eastern philosophies the ego/personality is an extension of the Soul. The personality is an out-picturing of the Soul or a manifested form of the soul.

It is only in the over-identification of the ego roles and identities that one is lead astray and one's intuition becomes blocked.

A spiritual practice of meditation can assist one to live more & more in the "meditative state" in this way one begins to connect in to the aspect of self that is beyond roles and which is the stuff of what roles are made of.... the Spiritual Essence... the Prana, Life Force Animating Energy.

I like using a subtle energy process - a way of connecting in to feel where my Higher Self is guiding me. This is also accompanied by flashes of insight, psychic impressions and an inner voice. However, if one develops the ability to feel the very, very subtle nudge or pull of the Higher Self one will know they are receiving insight and direction from the Soul.

The Soul Call will always be that which is most life enhancing for all concerned.

Your comment is so inspiring I am going to write a blog post on the answer :))

thanx so much for your input :)