Healing to Connect With the Divine Essence That Is You

It is so important for you healing (wholeness--from old english world "o halen" to honor and express all parts of yourself.
you are perfect and divine as you are. you incarnated as a divine spark with individual expression from the divine mother-father god energy...which is light, love, wisdom and creation itself. this energy expresses through you as you. when you are "working on yourself or doing inner work or healing work for yourself and others you are not changing the divine essence of yourself or the person. you are not changing "you". you are altering, adjusting ways of relating, behaving and expressing. the judgments, fears and not accepting & loving yourself block your full radiant self expression. the more you accept your empowerment and your right to be and express fully you will heal. this expression is done through the ego. the ego is created in the process of forming life to express and experience in healing you are healing the ego expression to be more you....more authentically and abundantly you. it is the ego expression that needs balancing, healing, and understanding. the ego is like the shape of a vase that a beautiful nourishing liquid is poured into. it's as if the vase is mishapen, or too small, uneven, or can be better shaped to hold the essence this is what get healed and made whole to fully express.--- express all of you....love all of you, express all of you... this is what you are meant to do and enjoy.... "in joy" how you are meant to express. heal completely so you can enjoy how you are meant to express the spirit expressing and experiencing through you as you.
michele meiché

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Anonymous said...

I needed to read this.
I am in this process and so your words mean so much.
Your wisdom is appreciated.