Getting Unstuck & Clearing the Way for the Soul Path

Sometimes we get stuck, or need new input to assist us on our path.

The soul has a blueprint. There is a Soul Design and Path of the Soul, or Soul Path.

Emotional trauma, beliefs, programming, patterns, and unclear direction & motivation can block, stop or slow us down from our own unfolding. Many times these patterns are "collective"- generational, familial, and ancestral.

 Sometimes there are patterns that are formed as miasms of spirit and body; these are patterns that are in the etheric-resonant field and have developed and formed since the inception of time.  This happened as we came into matter and the veils were co-created as a way to manage the light.  This was the "Fall" or the stepping down or into. However as we connect with our Galactic roots again we begin to accurately perceive matter and know what truly matters to us.

It is not the Soul or Spirit that is Stuck.... The spiritual energy or energy and blueprint of the Soul may not be flowing freely or accessible; however it is not the Soul. It is the amalgamation, or marriage of the Soul to the personality center. This is where the disconnect happens. This is why it is said to "not be real"; to be an "illusion".

 However, when you experience this it feels very real indeed, and not like an illusion. This is in part that on this level of experience it is very real and is really being experienced. This is why raising your vibrational frequency and aligning to one's Soul Design and true path helps this - heals this. This wholeness is the healing or making one whole.

It is important to know if we are "stuck", if a limiting pattern or past programming is in the way; or if we are meant to integrate something new by waiting or following another avenue-for awhile, for a day or longer.

Many times there has been a loss or a change that take place that throws one into transition. The "old" is no longer working and the new has not yet been created.

Our inner psyche has the answers, which come via our higher mind, the place and space of intuition, inner knowing & inner guidance. We need to learn how to tap into this part of self to integrate with our logic self. We need to trust this part of us and allow it to our everyday living and being.

We do have the answers inside..... It is aligning to our Higher Self, connecting with Divine Mind-higher mind & spiritual essence that we find the way. It is trusting that we do and learning how to access this aspect of self and integrating it with all parts of self for wholeness.

Many times our perception block the way; or the perceptions of others block us from the outside.

Sometimes we "sabotage" ourselves because our conscious desire does not have the imprint for what we want to create. Sometimes we dream so small because we don't have the imprint that says we can live a life we love of fulfillment.

I invite you to get out of the cul de sac...get out of your own way.... get clear emotionally to take in more and more good, more and more light, abundance and open to more opportunity.

We are in the Time of the Soul.  This requires that we release the control of the false, the unreal, the pull and tug of the ego/personality. As we defer to the higher directive of our Higher Self and the Guiding Principle within the personality aligns with the Soul.  This becomes seamless where the Soul and the Personality are one...

2012: Navigate the Shift

Tools for the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical Bodies & for Soul Alignment

Lots of Love & Light

Michele :)


Tunisia Jolyn said...

This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Blessings in light :)

Divine Mystic said...

Beautifully Written! Thanks!