Faith is an Important Piece

Times are challenging and faith is a part of the puzzle that is key right now.  Faith is a link to the next level. I don't mean "blind" faith. I mean a faith that is based on spiritual practices - real spiritual practices and principles.  A faith that is active and proactive.  Faith that brings you back to your inner you.

Faith is the piece that will bring peace.

Much of what is going on we can't "see" with our physical eyes.  We have to use our inner eyes and inner ears to see and hear.

Many people have been and will continue throughout the summer months to experience a bit of déjà-vu. These people, places and trips down memory lane are happening now so that you can assess where you are, just how far you have come and decide from your new state of awareness what you want to focus on in your life. For some this focus will come from inner motivation and for some an outer.

We are still in a completion cycle, so areas of completion, re-evaluating and cleansing or clearing are key. Get clear on what is right for you.

It is still not a time for “new” major decisions, unless those decisions were in the making before January of the New Year. If we use an astrological metaphor we are in a huge “retrograde” and retrogrades are not time to commit to the new. It is a time to get clear. See what the Universe is putting in front of you. See what is around you.

What is coming back into view? And, do you want what is coming back into view? Or, do you want something new? How do you wind out of the old and open to allow the new? These are some important contemplations to focus on and bring into your meditation/spiritual practice. Awareness is key. Awareness of our true motivations is important right now. We need to be honest with ourselves; especially in regards to our decisions. Not out of judgment, simply out of awareness and self understanding.

Many people I have been talking with have said they are glad they did not make the major changes that they could have. They are taking a “wait and see” approach and finishing what is on their plate right now. A few clients that I talked with that jumped into some situations it has turned out to be emotionally and financially costly. Since this is a time of consolidating, if you are over expanding or expanding in a way that no longer supports your new level of growth, you will see things begin to shut down.

You might notice that you are getting more clear direction and are becoming aware of what is really important to you.

The new that is coming in this month will have to do with what brings more inner security. Finances will also be a focus, as well. This month you are being asked to look at your resources. See yourself as a resource, not just money as a resource. See your friends, family, inner knowledge, intuition and lifestyle as a resource. If you can't see these as resources as yourself why, and then see if you need to find other avenues that represent these resources.

Take stock of your life and how you live and see what your resources are in all areas of your life. Support is a major resource and so it is time to appreciate what you have and not focus on what you don't have. A gratitude list is a great idea at this time. I like to call them "Appreciation Lists" as i feel that word more deeply. For me appreciation is an action... a taking in and a doing.

Begin to notice more what really nurtures you and what brings inner and outer fulfillment. Also, altering your routine to nurture yourself more can be a really good idea right now.

If you are getting the inner nudge to scale down and live or work differently it would be a good idea to heed this inner directive.

As you are getting clearer more of your true path will come through.

Also, if you are going through hardship or if you are going through financial challenges or physical challenges know that is a part of the clearing and cleansing.

We are all being cleared and cleansed on such deep levels, right now.
We are in a time of great preparation. A major part of this preparation is the Soul Alignment. We are learning how to live and respond from the Soul and not the ego.

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