Universal Light Energies and the Shift

Question from Awakenings listener & Facebook friend
I have a question, I hear all the time from different people about how much light is coming onto the Universe and we are going to be hit more often in 2012 every hour. Have you heard this and where is it coming from? The planets, heaven? Thanks love and light, Anne ;))

Anne, This is a really great question. ☺

This is already happening now.... We had gateways - portals of light that were every few years, then twice a year and now the gateways-portals of light are open longer and longer- extending for months on end.  We are already getting the intensification of light energy daily.  This is happening now.  The more sensitive you are the more you feel it.  This is one of the causes of the earth shifts as well.  Many people are reacting to this energy intensification by becoming irritable, angry or by closing down.  Generally, if people do not know what the energy is and how to channel they become irritable and short tempered.
Meditation and breathwork are key to adjusting to this.  Movement meditation and cleansing breaths are very helpful, as well.

This light is coming from Source & from us :) It is the aspect of us that is on such an expanded level of Consciousness that it is undifferentiated and still in the Wholeness of the All That Is. Not only is it light that we are receiving more and more, but more energy of a more intense and higher frequency. This light energy is of a faster and lighter nature. It is less dense. The less density is reflecting our aligning to the lightbody, ascension, and movement into the transpersonal expression of being.

This light is us on another dimension... it does come from and thru the planets as well... However it is Source Energy... It is just that we are more receptive to the energies. Our physical body expression is being adjusted as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of our being is being overhauled and updated to be able to receive more of these higher frequency energies.

We feel these energies and talk about them as planetary. However, they are us in an expanded form. We hold these energies within us, on this dimension in a diluted form. We are affected by what we are a part of and what is a part of us.
It is important to remember we are the planets, the water, the mountains, the animal beings and they are us. Every form of life is an aspect and extension of each other. It is not that the earth changes are being “done to us” or because of us. The earth is shifting as we are shifting. The earth is growing as we are growing.

The more harmony within us, the more harmony that will be experienced within the earth. If the earth is the hand, then we are its fingers. Every form in this world, on this earth and universe and beyond is an expression from and of the ALL That Is; or God.

There are less veils on the planet, less filtering & blocks. We have to get our bodies in shape for this…Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. As we shift and ascend there will be even less filtering and veiled information; as well as less veiling of the galactic and Divine energies.

The main veil we are working with dismantling right now on the planet is the Veil of Duality. We have lived in a perpetual cycle of extremes. Ex: This is good – this is bad. We have gone as far as we can with this experience and experiment. We have explored separation with the belief that we are separate. This is an untruth, as nothing and no one is separate from us and we are not separate from anyone or anything.

This veil comes from the “Fall From Grace”… This is what is meant in the Bible to “Fall into Matter”. Grace is the perfected form of the All That Is… it is Source, Source Energies. It is God. God as an energetic, vibrational principle that is consciousness itself seeking, expressing, experiencing itself in divided forms and whole forms. In this dividing many fell into the “Valley of Forgetfulness”. This forgetfulness is like a haze, a fog, and kind also be liked to a deep sleep.
This is why the term awakening is used. Out of the forgetfulness and deep sleep there is now an awakening… Many awakenings in many different ways.

The forgetting and sleeping comes from wounding, trauma and not remembering and passing on the new ways. The forgetting and sleeping state also comes from falling so deeply into matter that one is perceived to be on their own and individual; instead of an individuated aspect of the All That Is. One begins to think they are all that is, and this material plane is all there is; or, the only reality is that which can be seen or held.  This is why the awakenings are so important. It is time to allow the succession of awakenings that bring in the expanded consciousness.  We are awakening to the full radiant expression of our Divine Being.

GREAT question.  Thanx for asking ☺ I will bring up on Awakenings Radio as well. :)
 Keep the questions coming. Just love it... Keep shining your light & keep awake :)

Peace, Love & Light


Anonymous said...

I think more and more people are awakening are becoming aware. I think this is happening at a faster rate lately. People are looking for freedom - to be happy, to be alive, to love and find peace. So many are tired of war and suffering and being held in place. It's a wonderful time. :)


Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

i so agree with you. it is an amazing time - "wonderful time" as you say. :)

i love how you put it people looking for freedom, to be happy & alive... i think people are opening more to their vital energy, also.

so many are waking up. we are in the time of the "converging flow" or "convergence"... people from all walks of life, all areas, arenas focuses are waking up and wanting to live differently, connect & share
you know we are moving away from "learning lessons" and into experiences of connecting, loving, sharing & learning - living and learning, but not learning to live :)

wonderful to connect with you here.

Keep shining :)