Right Action - Consciousness is an Inside Job

Right Action is not always what you do.

It is how you do "it"

Intention and  Motivation is what makes an action or inaction "Right Action"

Action and InAction are seen on the inner plane and in the etheric.  Your intentions and motivations are not hidden in the inner world.  Your action and inaction are determined by your consciousness.  This consciousness though in the outer world is not always seen; it is seen, felt and known in the inner world.

The inner world is where our manifestations jell before taking physical form. It is not only possible to create from the ego level; most people do and think they are creating from the higher self.
Most decisions, action, and in action are made with the individual thinking they are from the intuitive knowing of the Higher Self.

That which is inspired by the ego is not "bad"; however what is inspired by the Higher Self is golden.

On some level you will know whether your decisions and actions are in accordance with Higher Law.

This Higher Law is that which is best for all concerned and the Highest Good.

You can not fool the Universe; or your Higher Self.

You can not fool God... This energetic matrix of Love, Light, Wisdom and  All That Is will unfold in direct proportion to actions and actions from inaction.

You can work your will; however the Will from the expanded state of consciousness of the Higher Self will always bring the most fulfillment and life enhancement for you and those entrusted to you.

The highest form of service is to follow the directive of the Higher Self by aligning to Divine Will.

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