Healing Affirmations for Lightworkers & Wayshowers

I am now allowing the energies of the Light to work upon me.

I am now receptive to the healing energy of the Light.

My etheric body and physical body is receiving the higher vibrational frequencies easily.

I am open and receptive to my true path and calling.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Michele! I use EFT while I say these powerful afframations.
Question, As we all our Lightworkers here at this profound time, I wondered why I see 1111 everyday 2 and sometimes 3 times a day. Is there something I could do when this happens other than take the moment to pray and send love outward? Also I see 333 and 444 alot. Any thoughts you can share on this? Thanks so much!! Love and light everywhere! ;))

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

wonderful to do with EFT... tap it into the subconscious & kinesthetic memory (body wisdom)
i have trained in & used EFT..wonderful tool :-)

11:11 is an attunement & alignment number & vibration... for 11th chakra & dimension.. also represents the crystalline age- aquarian age.

you are doing precisely what you need to be doing. think of the numbers you are seeing; especially 11:11 or 111 as a tuning fork vibrationally and etherically. like getting a good massage, reiki, energy healing or acupunture....you breath it in.... take a pause & breath it in.

so, taking a pause....feeling the subtle energy around you and that is you and consciously breathing. the attunement-alignment happens automatically. the 11:11 energy attunement also brings you into an alignment-attunement for more synchronicities. we are encoded to connect into this energy. it coincides with our digital side, so to speak :)

the 333 & 444 are about awareness. the 333 focuses on a going within and winding down or out of something. the 444 is about re-evaluation, and can be a bit of a holding pattern for more information coming in.
the 444 is also a call to notice what is around you, what is working and expand on that. also, allow new modes of expression and communication.

i am going to put a link to a channeled session i did re: 11:11
personally and with my guides and over souls have been working with this frequency since 1988 :)) very powerful alignment/attunement tool

much peace, love & light