Create from the Higher Self in Alignment with Source Energy

As a collective of people we are being called into action. As starseeds, wayshowers and lightworkers we are feeling and hearing the call that calls us into action.

This call to action and movement the ego interprets as I have to move… I have to do something. It is pressed to action to alleviate boredom, fear or to escape one's soul work and soul obligations.

I have been there, early on my path. I have seen that action that is not prompted by spirit and spirit led leads to more hassle at best; and at worst can seriously derail one on their path.

You see it isn’t just about ‘us’ personally. We are all in ‘this’ together. We all fit together as puzzle pieces fit together to create a picture. Each of us is needed and necessary to the unfoldment of the Divine plan. We have been given tasks to do; people to assist and a sphere of influence to serve through our gifts, talents, compassion and sharing.

A call to action, needs to be “Right Action” … Action for the sake of action is not life enhancing and is not aiding one’s spiritual integration, soul expression and personality growth.

With 5 planets in Aries as I write this the ego/personality will feel more pulled in many directions and the feeling to bolt out of one’s current circumstances is great.

The freedom that we all seek is really an inner freedom; and this inner freedom comes from going deeper - connecting deeper to one’s true nature, connecting deeper to one’s spiritual path, understanding one’s path deeper and asking where can I serve?

The energies of the month of April are about evaluating and re-evaluating. It is a time to become more clear of one’s true path, and to see where the true openings are leading.

The energies of April will be very challenging as there is a pull for outer movement, from the ego’s point of view. This challenge will continue for sometime; as the ego/personality body is getting use to the transpersonal energies of the New Emerging Consciousness.

From the perspective of the ego when it feels discomfort, constraint, pain or uncertainty it wants to move away from these feelings and the experience it thinks are creating the discomfort or restriction. The ego is very black and white. It either wants diversions or to keep the status quo, nothing in between. Now, this is where it gets tricky, because spiritual energy can be a thunderbolt, it can be wiggly, wily; yes, wily; it can be fast or slow, very slow and it can splash or even flow.

Our ego is spiritual. All is spiritual. Everything is of Spirit - spirit in manifested form.  However, the constructed ego has many filters from its upbringing, socialization and experience. It has conditioned responses from trauma, wounding and patterns it was either taught or developed to cope. The ego, until fused with the soul is operating at a very stepped down energetic vibration.

What does this mean? It means you have to get beyond the ego to Source Energy to connect in to know what you really need to do or not do. Many times right action is non-action.

One of the key components of the New Paradigm and New World that is being created is the rebalancing of personal focus and group focus. This expanded consciousness asks us to reach out into groups, to connect with our soul family and soul tribe. We do this by allowing and following the resonance and by doing that which is in front of us. As we are called to join together, to meet in small groups, to share our stories and gifts we do this now not in sacrifice of the “I”, but with inclusion of the “We”. This is a huge difference in our human culture and life path. For aeons the life expression was either the

In the reign of Spirit and the Soul there is no "either or"; there is “and” and “both”. All are seen viable. If something is no longer viable or life-enhancing its form is dissipated and the energy is subsumed back into Source Energies to be used and manifested in other ways.

In the New Emerging Consciousness the urge is to create from the Higher Self, directed from Source Energy and from the Template of the Soul. We have always had this choice as we are creator beings. We can create from the Higher Self/Soul Self or the constructed ego. The choice is becoming clearer and clearer. The more you follow the resonance and do that which is before you, the clearer your path will be and the easier it will be to do what is challenging and uncomfortable for the ego. This is part of the path of Soul Alignment. This is the Higher Order of Divine Manifestation. This is what brings manifestations that are not only in consideration of the personality, but also in alignment and attunement with the Universal Healing Plan.

The call to action is to look within… To connect with like- minded individuals of similar resonance and join together for a higher cause. Ask where can I help? Where can I serve? To serve a larger God than the little “I” is powerful.

Your Higher Self is orchestrating the most amazing, life enhancing life for you. 
 Are you willing to join in?

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