Spiritual Awareness

My life is in a continual unfoldment as is everyones.

It is by my spiritual practice and working with my teachers, those in dense physical form and those not embodied that i more deeply understand my path and my Soul Expression.

In meditating, contemplating it is easier to move into the comfort of the deeper realms of spiritual knowing and awareness.
This deeper awareness when mixed with a silly light joy of this human experience brings a lightness of being...

I straddle 2 worlds...many worlds... and yet they are all the same...

I walk this path with you... side by side.  I strive to allow the little me to express and experience in a way that allows a full spectrum expression.

What blocks our  Shifting, Ascension, Soul Alignment,  and living from Full Radiant Expression?

What I am finding it is the judgment of how we express and experience.  Making changes in thought and behavior is great, and even necessary.  It is the judgment of where we were or where we are...What we did or did not that is not necessary.

Today, lets together focus on the necessary and leave behind what isn't necessary.  :)


rootedforlife said...

love it !!!!!!

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

thank you for reading & commenting... :)))
more to come.. :))