Centering and Aligning to Your Inner Core

We can all be  thrown off center with the heightened changes and intensification of energy during the Shift.

Many of us lose our center in the midst of difficulty, change, or circumstances that feel beyond our control. 

Taking time to feel your inner stability and grounding by tuning into your Inner Core and True Nature is so important in aligning to the energies of the New Emerging Consciousness.  In taking the time to ground and center you assist your body-mind in acclimating to these new energies.

Your center is always there right inside you. It is a matter of taking the time to tune in or turn within.

This turning within is not about avoiding; or cutting off the external.  It is a choice and using your spiritual tools to align to the truth that comes from seeing through the aspect of being that is always centered and eternal.

To take the time to center and align reduces stress, distress and anxiety.  Change can be anxiety producing.  When you realize and live from the place that your stability is inside you this begins to release the stress and allows you to assimilate and move forward.

Take time this week to turn within and tune in to the you beyond the changing circumstances of the external.  


Rachel said...

Thanks Michele! This is exactly what I needed to hear this week. :)

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi rachel :))
it is so important that during the upcoming changes that we take time to center, align & hear our inner voice and focus on the directive of the Higher Self.
it may be hard to know "what to do, or where to go"; however the Inner You knows..if we listen
keep to your path & take good care
blessings in light