Attuning to Your Signature Vibrational Frequency

We have our own natural 'homing device that leads us home... Home to our Soul Connection and Soul Expression.  This is a very important part of The Shift and the New Emerging Consciousness.

In order to attune to your "Signature Frequency" you need to be in the meditative state.  
You need to allow what you are naturally and organically drawn to be revealed.   
This is done by following the Subtle Energy and letting yourself be lead or drawn by resonance.

With the activations and accelerations gateways that are taking place in the energy bodies it is really important to move throughout your life less and less from the ego template and more from the Soul Template and Spiritual Essence. 

These simple Spiritual Tools and suggestions in this video are simple, yet really work well in raising your vibrational frequency and  attuning to your "Signature Frequency"

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