the Higher Will and Lower Will

Your concentration and attention is ruled by the Will Center.  There is the "Little Will" or lower will of the ego and the higher -expanded Will of the Higher Self.     

At some point there is a fusing of the lower and higher and a seamless expression of the Soul Design and Spiritual Expression.    

In aligning to Divine Will or the Will of your Higher Self you will connect in and align to your Soul.

This allows an attunement of the energies that represent the transcendent focus and plan for you and your path.

Esoterically this is called an alignment and attunement to your Soul Design.

The alignment is to the structure and route of your Soul Path.   The attunement is to the corresponding energies that make up your signature frequency.

The way to ensure this is in following the openings and being Spirit Led.

Ascension is the rising above of the extremes and push pull of duality. In the realm of Spirit and the Soul there is no polarity.   

An affirmation that assists in this is:  It brings me join to align to the Higher Will.  Thy Will Be Done

Remember the "Thy Will Be Done" is the Will of the Higher Self and the Source Aspect of you... It is not something or someone outside you.   



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