How to Develop Your Intuition

The way to develop your intuition is to find a way of connecting in to this part of you.
 It is important to learn to "read the signs" beyond the focus of the ego.

What gets in the way and blocks your intuition?

A key part of awakening is being able to tap into your intuition accurately.

This audio post gives a good example of this and also shows what can trip people up in connecting in to their intuition.

The way to develop your intuition is by using it.... you have to have a system to connect in and build trust with this aspect of you.
You develop your intuition by using it.... Use it or lose it; so to speak.
You have to be emotionally clear to be accurate.
This audio talk gives you some basics to start with in an easy way that you can build upon.
Consistency is key... Take the time to focus on this aspect of you.
Learn the signs and how to read the signs of your intuitive guidance.
You have to learn to trust this aspect of you in ways that make sense to you.
As you focus on this part of you; you learn to see beyond the clouds and connect in with the clarity within.

Lots of Love & Light



Divine Mystic said...

Such a great post. Thanks!

bleuet said...

Love it - Thank you Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

So helpful!!! Thank You

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Thank you for reading and your comments of appreciation.
Please let me know how this assists you and if you have any suggestions or feedback.
i will be posting more on Connecting and using one's Intuition and Psychic Development.

Blessings in light, love & peace


Michele :)

Rachel said...

Michele, Thanks so much for all your light that you bring to the world. I wanted to call in today to your show but I'm at work and couldn't really get away! So I hope it's ok to ask a question on here... I feel like I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for breakthroughs to come in my life, and I felt like the beginning of 2011 marked a new opportunity for openings and shifts and changes to take place. Well it seems like there have been more roadblocks (but I'm trying to see the bigger picture in everything). Anyway I was wondering if you could dial into my energy and see if you can see any breakthroughs coming up for me, specifically in regards to moving? Thanks so much!! :) :) :)

Love Rachel (from facebook) :)

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi Rachel :-)
i spoke to this today on Awakenings Radio
(the show with David Atwell 2/9/11)

for a personal reading it is best to email for a personal session; this way i can tune into your energy at

if there are blocks then i would recommend emotional clearing or re-patterning, alpha-theta healing.

there are a lot of activation and acceleration points in 2011 so it will bring some breakdowns and some breakthroughs
it depends where someone is on their path to know which comes first.
a breakdown to breakthrough.

i hope this helps....

keep seeing the bigger picture and get the support you need to travel your path.

Look forward to seeing you at Awakenings :-)

blessings in light

michele :-)