DayDream Your Life into Clarity

I learned a long time ago from my mediation and spiritual practice that if I wanted clarity I had to create or allow the space for it through meditation.  I don't make major decisions and even some small ones until I am in a meditative state.  I also keep this practice as a psychic medium and channel.  I clear my mind from preconceived ideas or thoughts to divine the information; to allow it to be received.

One way to allow situations and issues to become more clear in our life is to 'Daydream'.
Daydreaming I find is a space clearer... and this space is our mind.  When you daydream you open up to a receptive state without judgment.  This allows a free flow of  sights, sounds, sensations, scenarios, and visuals to float through.  To me it is like a flowing mental shake up. It is like a slow undulating, ebb and flow belly dance for the mind.

Albert Einstein's loved to daydream. To him his  daydreams were not a waste of time. In fact, Einstein did his best thinking while daydreaming or playing violin. Mozart, he felt, had discovered the harmony of the universe.

Take some time this week to daydream the time away... In fact, take off your watch and watch the passion play of your mind.

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