A Time of Reflection and Connecting in with Your Soul

All to often during the holidays many people "forget" about their spiritual practice and inner connection.

Remember, it is this inner connection to your inner you that has allowed you to experience the joy in your life.

Joy is not brought about by experiences or relationships, but by how we perceive or feel about these experiences and relationships.

Metaphysically this is a time when we ,as a collective, release the past year and wind out from what was to what is becoming and unfolding; because of this it is a very auspicious time.

At this time of year there is a gap... This gap reflects what was and what is now being called into being.

Take time during this gap to reflect on what you experienced and to notice what you are experiencing now; as well as feeling now.

Your feeling nature will guide you to that which is newly emerging through you.

Our Soul is so comfortable in the gap. It is within the gap that we are all spirit led.

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