Consistency on One's Path

There comes a point on your path of inner work when you have a breakthrough.
You can feel the release of pent up energy.  This is the energy that has been held back, many times out of fear or outmoded beliefs.

Until one is more firmly on the path the tendency is to drop the support, structures and routine that has allowed the breakthrough.   The breakthrough is possible because of a more consistent inner connection and focus.  This is why in esoteric wisdom teachings and spiritual studies it is said "All stems from the inner relationship  All comes from this"

All that we have and experience in life if it is authentically fulfilling comes from the foundation of our inner connection.  The inner relationship from our spiritual connection is the basis for all relationships and outer experience.  All starts from within.

Innerwork works... It creates great results and facilitates Soul Alignment.  The Soul craves this inner connection and this is why your Spirit is able to soar.

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