Who Am I?

The Question is not "Who Am I"?

Stop asking this question.   Stop seeking.... Start finding... Start being....now.....

We are Spiritual Beings... Beings of Spirit... We are Consciousness made manifest... We are consciousness before manifestation

The question "Who Am I?" asked from the perspective of the Ego-mind sends one on an internal and external loop. The constant asking and seeking "Who am I" leads one to roads that dead end.

The only part of us that can ask "Who Am I?" is the ego. The only reason you ask this question is because you feel separate.

You are all modes of expression, all your titles, names, labels, focuses and interests.  You are also none of it and beyond it.

Once one begins to know that we are spiritual beings and expressing and experiencing in various forms there is freedom You become free... This is true freedom.

This is not the freedom of running to something, running away from something or seeking something.

This is the freedom to be.  To be anything you want to be.  Because in the ultimate beingness we are all things, all people.  We are all of this life, full, whole, complete and becoming.

The question need not be  "Who Am I?".  To get off the loop the question is "How and where do I want to express" 

Get off the merry go round and the endless loop of "Self Inquiry"... Who is inquiring of the Self?  There are so many selves you'll be inquiring for years and come to the same spot in the road - The cul de sac

When you stop seeking; you begin finding.  When you begin finding you begin being.

When you are being you are free.  You never know what is going to slip out, come out, in a roar or whisper... You just don't "know" because you are being.....

You can be anything you want to be because what you are being is simply various forms of expression.

We are in a state of becoming... We are all continually becoming, unfolding...... Just like clay, once we are molded, the form changes

So in this way we are the flux and flow of continued creation...

The creator, the creation and all that is in between.



Carol Pilkington said...

The question Who Am I? can actually lead one to a direct experience of who you really are if done from a place of attention and intention of having a direct experience. One cannot do this through the mind as the mind is full of thoughts/identifications. When done in a dyadic form of communication it can accelerate the process of having a direct experience. It strengthens one's ability to not only be their own witness but to witness another without judgment, blame and shame.

Carol Pilkington

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Wonderful insight Carol...
Yes, it is a dyadic meditation...or, contemplation meditation.
It is a beginning... For who asks "Who am I"
The Ego... Beyond the little self of questions is the Ultimate Self which knows no separation.
To ask a question; and then to answer this question we are on the level of duality..the dual or polarity plane.
But, what are we doing here?? Posing questions and answering questions; which brings us back to the original answer.
As Carl Gustav Jung said: "We all come in with a living question"

Carol, great to connect with you through discourse of the mind & in the universal heart.

Take good care


Michele :)