We are Guided and Led from Within

It is so important at this time to trust your inner knowing.  

First, one must learn how to connect into one’s own inner knowing; and then to have spiritual –mental-emotional  tools and filtering systems to make sure the information is not coming from the surface-ego mind;  but from the place of expanded consciousness and through the surface mind.
In the I Ching it is called: “Cleansing the Ting” …. 
Our mind needs to be cleared and clear.
Once our mind is clear and we are receiving the messages, the next important step is to trust our inner guidance.  This is our "Inner GPS" .  This is when we become Spirit Led and we begin to live from the Template of Our Soul and connect in with the Over Soul’s and Universal Soul.
As we become more and more "Spirit Led" our life unfolds from our "Soul Design" and we are led by a resonance and vibration to the configuration of that Soul Design.
This resonance we begin to experience more consistently.  This opens the door to live by "Synchronistic Timing" and less from "Linear" time
We will know where to go by resonance...we are lead from within... We will feel this resonance by what expands us.  Our direction comes from the openings and a sensing and feeling of expansion like a "sigh of relief".
We are helped by other spiritual travelers, by spiritual life coaches; by mentors, family and friends…
But we are guided and led from within... We are Spirit Led, connected to the template of our Soul.

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