Feeling the Rhythm of Your Body and Listening to It's Wisdom

Your body is a wealth of insight and information.
Many people feel and think that the body is an appendage of the mind; or that symptoms, pain, discomfort or limitations of the body should be overcome by their mind.
This is a misunderstanding of the body-mind link.  The mind and body are connected and yet, at times have different needs.  Therein lies the balance… Balance is key…And, listening to both.
Is your mind over ruling your body? And, is your body high-jacking your mind?
You need to be able to connect with both of these aspects of you because you are not just your body and you are not your mind; you express and experience through these aspects of you.
In our Western – intellectually based society we rarely listen to our body.  I mean really listen.  We are ,even taught how to over ride our bodies needs to get through the day or our work focus.
We need to know the balance between “moving through” something, “pushing through” and “tuning out the messages of the body”
I see this a lot in the “Westernization” of Yoga; especially in the name of “Power Yoga” or other titles that push brawn over connection.  Yoga is about balance, connection and not about a survival of the fittest or who has the most stamina or deepest stretch.  It is about an inner connection. An inner dialogue. It is about a unity within – the inner asana.
One way to create this inner awareness and unity is to “have the mind focus on the body and to let the body lead the way” 
You can do this by a contemplation meditation or an "internal body scan".  You simply take some time during the day; or at least once a week to tune into your body.
You can with either eyes open or closed bring your awareness to your body.  Take a few long slow breaths and just let yourself really feel your body and hear if there are any insight coming from within.
You can also do the "Yogic Breath" while you allow your awareness to connect in and really feel your body
Take time to really feel how your body is feeling and to hear the messages of your body.
This will not only create more calm and balance in your life; you will begin to tap into your body wisdom through your instinctual awareness.

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