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 It's amazing what we can do with Technology.... All from the mind of "The All That Is" .... Or, GOD = Genius Operating via Diversity :))


Mono/Poly said...

"GOD = Genius Operating via Diversity"

I like that!

Spirit Led Living said...

hee..hee.. hi Charles--glad u liked that :))
i'm working on uploading a video from an Advanced Lightworker workshop i did a few weeks ago.
lots of channeled info/videos that i want to catch up on and upload :))
YouTube not fully functional right now - doing some updates.
will be uploading 2nd half of "the New Emerging Consciousness" & finding our Soul Tribe to be in alignment to one's resonance.

was so great to see you at 140 conference LA :))
i felt so blessed to speak there & loved sharing :)

peace, light & radiant expression :))

Mono/Poly said...

I keep watching those New emerging Consciousness videos actually and I just saw the new one you put up! I really feel and see what your saying its so insync with what ive been feeling!

It was great seeing you at the 140conf as well!It's Inspiring to hear you speak because like i said i feel it! Exciting times

Peace, light & radiant expression to you as well Michele!