As a Lightworker Much is Expected

To those that much is given much is expected.

 Years ago on my path I asked one of my spiritual and counseling teachers "Why do i have to be the one to make the changes?"  "Why am I the one handling this with awareness and consciously"

He told me: "Because you are the one that is aware." "You are the one that is aware of what is healthy in this situation."

I said: "Oh, I guess ignorance is bliss, then."   He responded: "It can be; because what you don't know can't bother you."     

It took me quite awhile to understand this. After awhile it slowly made a lot of sense to me.

If I was the one studying, meditating, doing re-patterning, healing work, contemplating and "working on myself" then "I" was the one more aware.  I was the one that was feeling something, noticing something.
I was the one looking at "both sides"  

I was the one that was psychic and picking up where a person or situation truly was; not where I wanted them to be or hoped.

I was the one that was meditating, tuning in, asking my mentor and teacher what "Right Action" was.... I was aware.... I was conscious.... I was psychic.  So, I did know what was going on.  I did know what was the best for the highest good; and if I didn't know I had the tools to find out.

This became a common understanding as I studied more in depth esoteric wisdom, metaphysics and spiritualism courses.

It is up to the more aware and conscious one to handle a situation in the most aware and conscious way.

Many times we aren't in situations with people that are consciously on a path; and this is even more of an occurrence in the "New Emerging Consciousness"
Even if someone is consciously on a path they might not be acting consciously.   We all have blind spots in our self development and spiritual integration, and this may be the case in a particular situation.

You are human and have an emotional body, and your own focus of healing.  We all have wounds.  However, as a Lightworker it is your responsibility to get the support, the help and use the tools you have to rise above and move beyond the push and pull of conflict whether inner or outer. 

As a Lighworker you may have the pangs of emotional conflict, pain and hurt.  You also have the understanding and awareness that we are all connected and that someone may be reacting from their wound.

We are all wounded.  As a Lightworker and Wayshower it is important to heal to a point so one is aware of the wound, but not reacting and relating from the wounding.  

At a certain part of the path our "Wounding" leads us to our gifts, innate abilities and the treasure within.

If you are a Lightworker, WayShower or Star Seed you have an advanced awareness, even though you are having a human experience.

You know more.  You experience more. You can see beyond and below the surface.  

This awareness is a gift.  A gift to be shared, appreciated and celebrated.

Sometimes the best way to celebrate this gift is to share it with another person by responding from the place of the gift, instead of the place of the wound.


Gayle Powell said...

This is a great message and one to keep in mind as we travel this road of life and the people who come into it to learn from and keep everything in it's proper perspective. Thanks. Lightworkers ROCK in helping this world become a better place and it is wonderful to remember what we are about.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

you are soooo right "Lightworkers Rock"!!!! :))
before we incarnate we are in the womb and reality of the Soul....

once we are "here" in body... Life lives differently.

we can't plan everything... this is why the "meditative state" is so important. then one is spirit led, instead of ego driven

blessings :)