Answering the Inner Call of the New Emerging Consciousness

You are builders and it is time to really look within and ask yourself:  “What do I want to align myself with?”… “Where are my true openings?”
In asking these questions if you encounter resistance; there is your answer.
Your resistance on your path shows where you really need to focus and what you really need to do.
For some this resistance is showing up as a reluctance to move forward or outward.  This reluctance is manifesting as a resistance to allowing “all of their self expression to be expressed”
Part of the reluctance is because of a lack of confidence; however the deeper issue is that the New Group of World Servers, Lightworkers, Teachers, StarSeeds and Wayshowers  for this era and shift have a lot of “Aquarian” energy and group energy.

I call this group the "Reluctant Lightworkers" or "Reluctant Heroes".   To some degree we are all heroes in our life.  The hero within us assists in moving through our challenges and growth experience.
They are perfectly “content” to “know they know” and not feel a compulsion to have to share their insight or information.  Herein lies the beauty in the New Group of World Server’s and also the challenge.
They are all too content to be in the background.  The previous group of teachers came from more of an Ego based focus and were very concerned with extended themselves out into the world and being an authority.  They were working off of the Pisces-Virgo Axis; where there could be a tendency of self-sacrifice and self- delusion. This axis brought in the realm of “Glamour”  You will still see that active in many of the teachers and students today; as there is an organic distilling or clearing out process on this.
In the past the cultural template operated from the position of the “One Message” or “One Messiah”  In this “New Age of Light and Information there are many messengers and many messages.
When I started the  Channeled Guidance in 1987 I was called “the Messenger” by many of my clients, teachers and even by my guides.  However, my teachers, both in body and in non-physical form made me quite aware that “I was not the only messenger with a message and that there were many before me and that many would come many after me.”  My guides, and teachers also expressed to me that in the coming new era that there would be many, many messengers and messages and that a person would only know what to align with; or join in with by resonance.
This New Emerging Consciousness brings with it an internal and external awareness that we are all the Messiah… (Messiah coming from Old English word “anoint” or “anointed” meaning to give a position, leadership role, chose as in chosen ones. 
In “Religious” or “Ritualistic” terms “anointing” is to make fresh, renew, reinvigorate, to via a consecration of making ‘holy”- (holy coming from the Old English “Ol Halen” to make whole and to be in integrity”.
An aspect of the “New Emerging Consciousness” is perhaps that we all are “chosen”… If not just for our own lives, our own Soul or Life Path, but for each other.
We come out of the void and from that very act we are all meant to connect and share.
We are not here in this life to act or live alone.  The New Emerging Consciousness highlights this by ushering in a focus of collaboration, co-operation, communication and community.
We are living in a time where our shared resources and the movement into the sphere of value beyond dollars will actually unleash more of our higher potential and allow more people to live from a more expanded consciousness. 
This requires the ability to tune in… Unplug from outer pulling at times and plug into one’s own “Inner GPS”.  People will need to know how to align to their 6th sense; their intuition to receive input.  They will need to learn the language of their Soul and need to know how to interpret their inner landscape clearly; without over projection.
The New Emerging Consciousness moves us beyond duality and into a state of resonance and coherence. If you allow and follow your true resonance you connect into joy.
The frequency of Joy is the meditative state. The frequency of Play is the meditative state.
This is different from “Meditation Practice” it is a vibration and a state of being, not an action or act.
This to me means more people living, creating, expressing and sharing from their Inner Genius and not only from Reactive” or “Reductionist reasoning.
The New Emerging Consciousness can only be navigated via resonance and synchronicity.
You have to align to your “Feeling Nature”. This only happens when one is more emotionally clear; so that one is not operating from emotionalism, but true feeling; and a desire that comes from inspiration and is now aspiration.  You connect into this by aligning to the subtle energy.  Allowing the subtle energy to be your guide.
Clearly we are in a time of immense change.  We are in the shift.  We travel now in the middle of the bridge.  Not here – Not there. We are in between – Hybrids … Hybrid forms and formations.
Amazing creations, innovations and leaps in consciousness can and are occurring now.
For some these changes are happening deep within the recesses of the subconscious plane; for others it is all on the surface, tangible and being used as clay to shape a new future.
Wherever the shifting and changing is happening; and however the change is happening for you, know that it is happening for a reason that will ultimately bring even more fulfillment for you.
It is time to ask yourself “Are you a builder?”  If so, what would you like to build?
“Do you hear an inner call?” Or, “Have an inner calling?” If yes, what one activity can you do weekly to focus on this inner call?
It’s time to heed the call of your Higher Self and move toward that which is most fulfilling for yourself and others.


Tamera said...

Brilliant expression! Thank you for the way you use language to increase the resonance one can feel when reading these words. You help us to reinforce that we truly are to embody our Spiritual Knowings.

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Tamera :))
thank u so much :)
it is so important now for people to feel and follow their resonance; as well as that what which resonates with them on a deep-authentic soul level.

i hope that what i share gives people the inner nudge and certainty to step more fully into their Soul Path.
xo :)