Opening to Receive Insight & Inspiration

Sometimes all we need is a bit of insight and inspiration to help us move forward on our path.
Sometimes those changes that are right around the corner, are almost there; but we need a nudge to move into our next level of awareness and expression.

Many times you can feel that changes need to be made.  Or, perhaps you are in a situation where you can feel a shift in your outer circumstance and want to meet this change consciously and proactively, but you don't know how.

For some,  you might be feeling an inner shifting and are not sure where this is leading.
Whether one is shifting internally or having to respond to external shifts; the shifts signal a new level
of awareness.

This new level of awareness always brings with it a new level or new mode of expression.
This new expression doesn't always mean that the "old ways" are gone; however it does mean that your relationship and the balance to the "old ways" will not be the same.

For many this can cause one to feel a bit off kilter-out of sorts; or placed in an ambiguous spot until the change is more complete.

This is actually the time to be open to more inspiration.... This is actually the time to welcome insight and actually seek out ways of being inspired and receiving insight.

How does one do this?
First by being open to receiving new input or insight; whether from direct or indirect messages from people or synchronistic signs.

This insight can also come from within, through forms of contemplation, meditation and even journaling. 

An important component to remember is that if you are  opening to receive insight from journaling or a contemplation meditation to not "pre-structure" what you want to hear; or what you want to receive.

Secondly one can begin to seek out inspiration.
This inspiration can come from people you respect; or that are of interest to you.
Inspiration can also come from books, from working with a coach or guide.  This inspiration can also come from nature or putting oneself in a new environment.

When a shift is happening whether internally or externally it is really reflecting a change or expansion that has already taken place on a deeper level within the inner psyche.

The only part of us that needs the insight or inspiration is the ego...

The Higher Self within our inner psyche is aware of the change or expansion and  in essence has orchestrated it and drawn in the experiences, even the losses, to initiate and institute the inner expansion and change.

For me what really helps and keeps me connected to the magic and flow of  shifting; which is really Soul Growth; or expansion is to tune in and see what I (the ego-personality me) can "do" to flow with the changes and expansion rather than resist or block them.

I take on the shifting as a magical mystery tour...
I begin to really look within and around my life.
I ask myself:  "What is being called forth here?"
"What do I need to do to assist this change, growth, shift or expansion?"

Many times it is to go deeper within my spiritual practice.  This can be done in many ways - more time in nature,
a different yoga sequence,  a fast, different foods, singing or chanting, drawing, writing, meditation; or work with one of my teachers and guides.

I don't know what is required of me to flow with the inner movement of the shift, until I take more time to pause, tune in, reflect and wait to hear, feel and see what is really needed of me.

This is a form of answering the inner call.  The sweetness of this inner call leads us to an insight and connects us to the inspiration that is needed for the next level of expression that is emerging  through us.

It is actually the inspiration that leads us to our new unfoldment and direction.

The inspiration lets us know we are on the right course for our path.  
We can feel it... And, because we feel it; we begin to "know' it.
This inspiration is a feeling tone, a sensing that guides us on our way.


Charles Dickerson said...

I posted on the worldpress blog again oops. Here it is copy and pasted:

Thanks Michele! I was probably worrying a bit to much about the psychedelics that I tried because I haven’t done to much of them but who knows. My original question was about my astral body and if you would be able to read it remotely to see if there were any major problems that could’ve been caused by the drug use.
Maybe a better question is this… Are you aware of any problems that psychedelics or marijuana can cause to the astral body? If so what kind of problems can they cause?
Peace & Light

Mono/Poly said...

Im subscribed

Mono/Poly said...

This is Charles. I think I got it right this time =)

Conscious Inspired Living said...

hi Charles
great to connect here.
please ask any questions you like and feel necessary on your path.
it is an honor to be present & walk these steps of unfolding with all of you :))


Mono/Poly said...

Do you see any tears or holes in my aura?

Conscious Inspired Living said...

Hi Charles,
i would need to do a scan.
did u do the emotional cleanse bath that i mentioned on Awakenings Radio?
Also, is there something going on that you feel there are holes- tears in your aura?

Conscious Inspired Living said...

If people are working around a lot of computer or electronic equipment a hematite stone or obsidian is very good for clearing the energy also with a clear quartz or smokey quartz at opposite end of where the obsidian or hematite is positioned.

These stones also work well with clearing energy along with Tourmaline as well. the blue - violet hues of Tourmaline the more of a focus on throat (5th) chakra and above.

After the energy clearing you can also balance and ground with the family of Agate stones or a Petroglyph

Mono/Poly said...

Yeah I just took the apple cider vinegar bath last night.
I don't think im doing anything that would give me any tears or holes in my aura but it's just that im still having these spasms and was wondering if maybe its connected. Maybe I just need to start working out again or something because i have been at home alot on the computer.

Ill try to check out these stones as well. Interesting stuff