Inner Workings - Beyond the Surface & Past the Horizon

The qualities that you seek are already within you.

The life that you want to lead is already unfolding through you.

It is through awareness and Soul Alignment that all begins to really make sense.

This alignment begins by feeling what you really feel and noticing where and to what you are drawn.

The awareness of the Soul is a subtle experience that builds over time.

Time is not just of the essence; it is the essence.

The Soul and it's manifestation and out - picturing through the personality happens in stages and increments that allow integration, assimilation and expression.

When you awaken to the Inner Workings of your True Self  you realize that what once seemed to be happening to you externally is really the result of an inner focus or belief.

It is only when one begins to look below the surface of surface things that Truth is revealed.

Not the truth with a small "t"... but the truth that is with the large "T" that encompasses all other truths.

This truth is like the horizon, you can see it and yet it encompasses so much more than the physical eye or mental awareness can fully take in or completely see.

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