Believe In Your Unlimited Potential

Everyone has specific talents and skills.

Even if you are doing something that 'many' people are doing;  the way you are doing 'it' makes it different from others; as you are unique.

The way we approach our life, talents and gifts can be a form of meditation.

A wonderful "Contemplation" Meditation can be a mini review of 'how' you view yourself and what you do'

It is very eye opening to witness oneself.

Do you see your uniqueness and how what you contribute to your friends, family, society and the world is needed?
Do you see that what you give yourself is 'holy'? - coming from wholeness and integrity.
Do you feel confident about your ideas and abilities?

If not, a further contemplation on why may reveal some inner healing work that needs to be done.

We all have within untapped regions that are rich with abundant resources.
These inner resources can be ideas, abilities, talents or even creative solutions to our life challenges.

For some these inner resources can even be creative ideas or solutions for other people, or even societal challenges.

Begin your a mini review of "How you view you and what you do" and then move into a place of confidence for all you have experienced, all you know, and your unique abilities.

Plant the seeds of  'self appreciation' by finding ways daily or weekly to  nurture your talents, ideas and abilities.

Then let your ideas, talents and abilities root and blossom....

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