The Path of Ascension

Ascending or rising above is not floating in the sky or escaping it is bringing in the opposite thought, idea or experience and moving into the middle plan. It is moving beyond extremes. It is a space beyond small mindedness, ego likes and dislikes. It is a place beyond “I’m right and you are wrong.”

Our inner knowing is in a field of consciousness beyond duality.  It is beyond our likes and dislikes, our pettiness. It includes this, but doesn’t remain stuck in the limitation. 
Our Inner guidance goes to the truth, the heart of the matter; which is always a little bit of both, right there in the center, in the middle way.  This is the “Tao”; the flow of life is neither to close to the left or too far to the right.
It is just right. Right in the middle.  The middle way.

This inner guidance may call us into non-action; and yet in “not acting” we are acting.   There is right action in non-action.  This does not mean procrastination or putting off.  It means using the higher mind to receive the input of when to physically act.
We are always in some form of action, if just mentally or on the inner plane. To consciously not act is an action.
Action for Action sake is not empowered action, but reaction.
excerpt from the book: Meditation for Everyday Living


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