Moving Beyond 'Dual Thinking' to live in the 'Meditative State'

When we begin to move from the 'Me' to the we we engage the spiritual aspect of ourselves more completely.

The Spiritual Aspect of ourselves is multilayered...multilevel and multifaceted.

In essence Spirit takes on and is many forms and so ultimately is not limited.

Our Soul which is the template or original matrix of our being and expression is also boundless within it's expression.

The Soul holds to a template; but this template is so expansive compared to our 'Egoic' understanding.

How do we tap into this aspect of our being? One way is to cease the habit of dual thinking. Move beyond good or bad; right or wrong into focusing on what is 'Optimum', ' Life - Enhancing' and what is right or appropriate for your right now in the present.

This type of thinking and focusing allows one to more readily move into a meditative state and have a more expanded viewpoint in life.

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Love this true indeed...