How Do We Know Something New is Emerging in Our Life?

There can begin to be a break down of previously held beliefs or structures and activities that use to feel important or right.  Certain activities and sometimes certain people don't fit as well.  

There can also be a feeling of restlessness, annoyance or anxiety; and for some there is a feeling of something more....or not quite complete.

It isn't that there is something 'wrong' it is more that something isn't 'quite right'...

This gentle stirring or as some say 'Divine Discontent' is a nudge from our 'Soul' that as I like to say "The Sundial has turned"....

We don't question when the sundial has turned.  We know that another part of the sun is reflecting.  A shadow is cast on one part of the sundial and the area or land around it.  This measures the time.
A person 'Shift' or 'Emergence' is very similar.  Something is being more highlighted; while something else in one's life is more shadowed or is subsiding or retreating.
As with the sundial the shift is almost imperceptible, but very soon you see it and even feel the subtle shift. One area has more light or is more highlighted.

We receive the messages from our soul, first energetically in a very subtle way.  The more tuned in the more we feel the gentle nudge or pull in a new direction.
This new direction can be new focus, new career, relationship, or simply a new way of relating or being. It can be a new hobby or a new form of expression; or a new focus creatively.
One thing for certain this 'Spiritual Nudge' is leading you towards more fulfillment in one form or another; even if it doesn't seem so. It may feel like much or even little is leaving...Something is changing, something new is emerging.

For me when i feel this shift i become even more aware. I notice how I feel in certain situations. Do I feel a constriction or an expansion?  I ask myself "What am I learning here that is new?.
I also meditate more, and more deeply. I create even more time for my spiritual practice knowing and sensing inner message are wanting to be revealed to me.
I also, stop and ask "Show me the way." Or, "What is needed here?"  "How can I assist in this transition?"
I begin to attune even more and in a slightly different way.
In many ways it is like when you are driving down a road that you realize you don't know where you are you pay attention more; or just differently.  Maybe you turn the radio off or down. Maybe you check your Google Maps or Iphone GPS; or you call a friend and get suggestions on directions.

The point is you begin to really listen... to pay attention in a more heightened way. 
It isn't that how you 'paid attention' or meditated or prayed or focused in the past was wrong or not sufficient. It is that you are on a different part of the path now, a different road, a different area, neighborhood or even different land.
The set compass doesn't completely work in this 'new land' and so you have to use your  'Inner GPS' to realign or reset your compass to this new terrain.

To reset your compass and align begin to slow down your movements. Even if you are rushing around through your day or are at work.  Stop and do a mental scan.  You will see a mental picture or flash of something; or you will think of something in your life and there will be a certain feeling attached to it. Just file it... Know that something is changing in regards to what flashed in your mind or what you felt or sensed.
Then begin to take more reflective time. Do some breathwork and meditate.  Clear some space for more clarity.  I like to do a walking meditation; or sit quietly and scan my life mentally and on a feeling level and then bring my awareness to the breath.
Once you are in the meditative state ask for signs, ask for help in this passage.  You are simply asking help from your 'Higher Self' or the more expanded part of your consciousness.
And, make sure you leave some space in your day to hear your guidance.

Creating the additional space and taking the additional time is what is needed to align to the new energy or focus that is emerging. 


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