Beyond duality is the place of the Higher Self

Responsibility... Responding Consciously to what is happening in your life raises your vibrational frequency.

When your vibrational frequency is raised or expanded you move beyond the idea of 'right or wrong'... You move into what is right for you or right for a situation; or life enhancing for you and others...
You move into the space of what is 'optimal'.... You move beyond duality and the polarity of black and white thinking.
You move into the awareness of perception; and there are many perceptions and view points.

This movement is subtle; and yet very empowering because you are free... Free from what was to allow want is really meant to be.

Through Dyana or Vipassana meditations of 'Awareness' you can connect to more life enhancing perspectives.
Dyana or Vipassana meditation is simply the 'practice' of awareness.... Awareness of what is.... A focused awareness coupled with breath awareness....

This is where more clarity can come into our observations and witnessing. 
Through this observing of 'What  Is or' ' Witnessing' we begin to really see and we move beyond the need for extremes and the polarizing forces of an over emphasis of duality.

Beyond duality is the place of the Higher Self....beyond the mental constructs of ego mind.

I love the words below by Rumi. For me they sum up the movement or alignment beyond duality into the field or space of oneness where we can see all sides. This field of oneness is like a mountain top. There is a panoramic view; or view point.

"Out there beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field... I'll meet you there" ~ Rumi


Tamera said...

Perfect! Very well articulated or rather written! I can actually hear you saying these words...a clear resonance with what is also true for me. Thank you for all your inspirations!

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

Hi Tamera :)
i am so glad it rings true for you. something i fee we all need to keep in mind. time to rest in the center more & live & express from this place.
and, you are so welcome. i am really enjoying the blog and sharing....and all the readings & listener participation... it is just a joy to be a part of this :)