Focus on What You Want to See...for the BP Oil Spill

We have got to see what we want to see...what we want to have happen.
We have seen what isn't working...We have seen what we didn't want to see or see happen.

I am suggesting that we begin to focus on what we want to see happen in the Gulf of Mexico.

We all need to ride the wave of emotions...from anger, regret, despair to perhaps apathy and sadness... However, the wave doesn't end there. The waves of life ebb and flow...

This is can be a beginning of a new conscious focus on a group level.
A chance to focus on what we want to see happen; instead of what we are afraid will happen or what has already happened.

I feel it is time to focus on the outcome we want to experience, for the wetlands, the animal beings, the human beings, the ocean and all of the Gulf.

There is such a strong power in Intention. This Intention can come through Prayer, Meditation, Thought or whatever you feel comfortable in calling this Focused Awareness.

We are Creative Beings... We are Consciousness made manifest.
Any action taken with this perspective can bring into being Creative Solutions, Inventions and Innovations that can shift this present catastrophe into a situation of Disruptive Innovation allowing a new direction that is ultimately more Life Enhancing.  We can in a cohesive way "Out Create" this.

I say let's move from Problem Solving to Creative Solutions and harness our Creative Energy, Focus and Intention to create a solution for the situation in the Gulf of Mexico.

In  focusing on what we want to see happen we are taking an empowered, conscious, life enhancing perspective.  This type of a perspective has a better chance of attracting a flash of insight, inspiration or creative solution.

Since each of us as an individual makes up the collective our thoughts are felt and communicated on a subconscious level and through the the subtle energy plan....  
Thoughts are energy and this energy is felt subconsciously to some degree by every sentient being and throughout the world and cosmos.

We can shift a trajectory of events, simply by our thought.... and unified thought is very powerful and efficient. 
This shift in focus to the outcome can effectively be done by each of us individually in a way.

We can intend and see in our mind's eye what we want to happen for the greater good.
We can envision a Creative - Life Enhancing Solution to this tragedy.
We can begin to see how laws are changed and innovations and new Green technology is being incorporated.
We can speak about what we want to see happen. 
We can have group dialogue on what we want to see happen. 
We can submit letters of suggestions. 
We can share ideas about what would work to contain and clear the oil spill. 
The bottom line is we can begin to focus on the solution rather than the problem.
We already know what the problem is; and many know where it stems from, as well.

I am not suggesting that we put 'rose colored glasses' on or take a 'Polly Anna' point of view. I am suggesting that we begin to more cohesively integrate another way, another focus; and that focus is the outcome we want to see happen.

Some examples of this are listed here:

in the words of Deepak Chopra - "My intent: Keep creating a platform 4 harnessing collective creativity 4 planetary healing."

"Focusing our energies in response to the Gulf tragedy and for healing the waters and its inhabitants" -Dr. Masaru Emoto's Healing Prayer for the Gulf :

From Lynne McTaggart: "Many of your wrote in to request that we gather together to send an big intention to stave the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, which is occurring unabated after the April 20 oil rig exploded.
Let’s send an intention for all efforts to work and contain the spill, with minimum impact on the ecosystem of the seas."

Much Peace

Michele :)

We Need a Miracle This Time... and we can do it....all we need to do is be open to it....

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Tamera Hays said...

Brilliant language for what this opportunity is really all about... Thank you for lighting the way and co creating with the waves, the flow! We Are One and We will Create the vision that honors and respects All...everything and everyone. Thank you!