Karma is like "Astral Sticky Glue"

There is no one “keeping score”…not a judge or cosmic God/god or not a universal accounting scheme.

The effects of all deeds are viewed as actively shaping the past, present and future experiences.

This phenomenon is called linked to the desire, the unfinished business that a person dies with, what we might call karma.

Desire creates the “karma” A desire for a “specific result & experience”….
This is why it is said to be in the witness state- neutral state to not insert oneself into the drama of the situation or a desired result or effect.

Karma is not so simply to explain. Many try and simplify it into punitive or cause and effect terms of “right & wrong”

It is the inserting of the self as a “meaning” of something that creates the karma.
This is where it is said to be “desireless” in this way you do not incur karma.

Now we don’t know what the karma is that is incurred as it is at such an expanded awareness & causality.

Expressed Awareness as the Body- Mind and the emotional situations & experiences that are connected to it incarnate into experience and if the soul stays intact to it’s energetic pattern & matrix, Then you live out the pattern unfolding and not the desires.
This is why aligning to the soul so important.

Even though we incarnate to experience our desires, lest they not be so solid & firm that they “have to unfold a certain way”. In experiencing desires, creations and the material plane of the senses of experiences if we do this with passion, joy, love, bonding and not attachment we do not incur karma….

Karma is the astral sticky glue… it is the entanglement of taking ownership for the experience instead of keeping in the Truth that the cause of the experience is life itself—is the All That Is….

There is no one “keeping score”…not a judge or cosmic God/god or the not a universal accounting scheme. The balance is weighed out or meted out in the accounting of the chaos of Universal Flow. As human’s we may not understand this or like the “result”… however, if we remember that we are All One. It is easier to see how an effect though not created by a person or that seems “shouldn’t” happen to them is part of an out picturing of this balance and vibrational code and pattern.
Our life path unfolds according to our Soul Template as long as the "Constructed Ego" and "Conditioned Responses" don't get in the way.   In this way our path is as open as we are to the possibilities.  A person's path unfolds in a unique way dependent on their "Soul Qualities"... Our path unfolds in similar ways, and yet in different ways that reflect our individuality.  Michele Meiche

The Spiritual teacher and philosopher OSHO viewed "KARMA" this way:

The law of karma, in the first place, is not a law. That word gives it an aroma as if it is something scientific, like the law of gravitation. It is merely a hope, not a law at all. It has been hoped for centuries that if you do good you will attain to good results. It is a human hope in existence which is absolutely neutral.
If you look at nature, there are laws -- the whole of science is nothing but discovery of those laws -- but science has not come even close to detecting anything like the law of karma. Yes, it is certain that any action is going to bring certain reactions, but the law of karma is hoping for much more. If you simply say any action is bound to produce some reactions, it is possible to have scientific support for it. But man is hoping for much more. He is asking that a good action inevitably brings a good consequence with it, and the same with a bad action.

Now, there are many things implied in this. First, What is good? Each society defines good according to itself. What is good to a Jew is not good to a Jaina; what is good to a Christian is not good to a Confucian. Not only that, what is good in one culture is bad in another culture. A law has to be universal. For example, if you heat water to one hundred degrees centigrade, it will evaporate -- in Tibet, in Russia, in America, even in Oregon. In Oregon it will be a little puzzled, but all the same at one hundred degrees water will evaporate. Certainly the law of karma is neither a scientific law nor part of any legal system.

Then what kind of law is it? It is a hope. A man wandering in immense darkness, groping his way, clings to anything that gives a little hope, a little light -- because what you observe in life itself is something totally different from the law of karma. A man who is a well-known criminal may succeed and become the president, the prime minister; or vice versa: he was not a criminal before, but when he becomes the president or prime minister of a country he becomes a criminal... So in life this strange situation happens: bad people reach good positions, become respectable or honored, not only in their time but throughout history. It is full of their names. In history, Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Kanad, Gautam, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Lieh Tzu -- people like these you will not find even in the footnotes. And Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Nadirshah, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler -- they make up the major portion of history. In fact, we have to write the whole of history again because all these people have to be completely erased. Even the memory of them should not be carried on, because even their memory may have evil effects on people.
A better humanity will not give these names even a place in the footnotes; there is no need. They were nightmares; it is better they are completely forgotten so they don't follow you like shadows. And we have to discover people who have lived on this earth and made it in every way beautiful; shared their joy, their dance, their music, shared their ecstasies -- but lived anonymously. People have completely forgotten even their names. To me, certainly each action has its result, but not somewhere far away in a future life. The action and the result are continuous, they are part of one process. Do you think sowing the seed and reaping the crop are separate?
It is one process. What begins in sowing the seed, grows, and one day the one seed has become thousands of seeds. That's what you call your crop. It is the same seed which has exploded into thousands of seeds. No death is intervening, no afterlife is needed; it is a continuum.

So the one thing to be remembered is: in my vision of life, yes, every action is bound to have some consequences, but they will not be somewhere else, you will have them here and now. Most probably you will get them almost simultaneously. When you are kind to someone, don't you feel a certain joy? A certain peace?

A certain meaningfulness? Don't you feel that you are contented with what you have done? There is a kind of deep satisfaction. Have you ever felt that contentment when you are angry, when you are boiling with anger, when you hurt somebody, when you are mad with rage? Have you ever felt a peace, a silence descending in you? No, it is impossible.

You will certainly feel something, but it will be a sadness that you again acted like a fool, that again you have done the same stupid thing that you decided again and again not to do. You will feel a tremendous unworthiness in yourself. You will feel that you are not a man but a machine, because you don't respond, you react. A man may have done something, and you reacted. That man had the key in his hands, and you just danced according to his desire; he had power over you.
When somebody abuses you and you start fighting, what does it mean? It means that you don't have any capacity not to react.- OSHO

Whatever beliefs you have determines how you journey on your path.

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