The Importance of Creating Sacred Space at home & the office

We all need a place to go to refresh and rejuvenate.
A place that is all our own that we feel comfortable and at peace.

Perhaps, for some it is a place to unwind…But it is nonetheless an actual place; a physical place.

We can create this internally and mentally; and this is a
major goal in meditation.

However, the external tends to mirror the internal and the internal tends to mirror the external.

A calm and orderly person usually lives in a calm and orderly environment.
Cleaning out one’s closet or clearing clutter off one’s desk creates a feeling of accomplishment and relief.

Our environment definitely affects and reflects our inner mental state.

A truly peaceful environment people can feel. The people who live and work in a peaceful environment have this inner peace within. This cannot be fabricated.

One can feel peace whether in a person or in an environment.
It is a very real and tangible feeling or perception.

To create this peace within we have to have a place to build the structure that creates the fabric of our inner peace.

This structure has a few components.
One is the very act of ‘practicing’ meditation daily, another part is using meditation as an actual ‘tool’ to create the state of mind you want to experience.

Another very integral part is the act of creating a meditative environment that one uses on a consistent basis.

Sacred space can be anywhere... a room in a house or apartment...
A corner in a room.. In your office and even in your car; or on the road while traveling.

The truth is you carry this sacred space within you wherever you go; however when you have a designated place that you call sacred it is a reminder of the sacredness within.

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