Meditation and Emotional Balance

It is said” Don’t always let your mind think what it wants to think or your body do what it wants to do.”

The idea in this thought is not to cut off from your emotions, feelings or needs of your body.  The message in this saying is that you can create conscious control through awareness.
As you grow in your path of self-development and spiritual unfoldment your consciousness evolves to create positive control in your life. Sometimes your mind is going to wander, and you need or want to focus. Sometimes your body is going to be fidgety.
It’s like being on an airplane and you “feel” like running up and down the cabin because the flight has been to long. Perhaps you stretch your legs…I don’t think you would run up and down the aisle because your body wanted to.

Now, you could bring this feeling into your meditation practice by acknowledging the “feeling” of wanting to run and then consciously bringing your attention back to your breath.  You could also create a “mental vacation” and visualize yourself running, and the feeling of the freedom of running and feel that in your body and feel more refreshed and relaxed.  How much more empowering is this?
You are now bringing conscious choice into this little situation.
Imagine applying this to all areas of your life?
What would this feel like to you, to have this empowerment of conscious choice?

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