The Practice of Meditation - Spiritual Practice/s -Doingness

the practice is just this- a practice. The technique or techniques, the disciplines. Just like keys on a piano, notes in music, playing scales or bar work in dance. The practice helps you learn the ability. One plays the keys to then play the song. One does the bar work to be able to more easily flow with the dance. The practice is to remind you the truth of who you are and to be able to better align or attune to this and live this more and more consistently and continually. We learn via practicing We practice to live it

The Meditative State (of being) - Beingness

This state is called your True Nature, as it is you. Your true nature, divine nature is inherent. You are a spiritual being; therefore you don’t have to “try and be spiritual” you can not be “spiritual” Oneness….. A sense of connectedness…. A knowing, feeling and sensing of the subtle energy of the All That Is. An awareness of this no matter what is going on around you or no matter what fleeting states of being or emotion. An awareness and responding from your True Nature. Expanded consciousness
Living & Being from the I Am - ---- I Am That That I Am

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